Saturday, January 15, 2011


The two articles that I wrote about were very interesting tome.. The first article talked about three major fast food resaurants and the portions that they serve. The research shows that when the fast food industry started to increase the portions that they served, by 200% to 500% from when they opened their doors, it paralleled with the increase in which Americans gained weight. It was demonstrating that the fast-food industry does have a direct link to the rising of obesity in America.
The second article to an aproach to to theweight gain issue in America by try to see if people had bigger portions of food offered to them would they increase their energy dense food intake? Thaey gave people different portions of the same food every day for four days and the people didn't realize thatthey had eaten more some days. But in fact ate 30% more one day. This also dmoenstrates why Americans are gaining weight fromeating fast-food. It was very interestng to me!!

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